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What is it?

A phobia is an unrealistic irrational fear that afflicts 18 percent of Americans. To date, science still can't say what causes some people to develop phobias and others do not.

Cyber comes from the word cybernation which means: the use of computers to control and carry out operations.

So Cyberphobia is the fear of computers. This term was coined in 1985 as an aversion or anxiety caused by technology (Harris). A Dell Computer study shows 55% of people have some fear of technology. 36% of office computer users feel their skill levels are inadequate.

Is it related to technophobia?

Cyberphobia is a close relative to technophobia--the fear of technology. Computers are obviously a part of the technology movement in our world today. The greatest thing that cyberphobia and technophobia have in common is called Technostress.

What are the reactions to cyberphobia and technophobia?

Some of the typical reactions to cyberphobia and technophobia are the refusal of people to:

How is cyberphobia overcome?

Needless to say, a great place to find solutions to cyberphobia, technophobia and technostress begin in the design of the technology itself. It is important to consider the user interface of each system.  One of the foremost experts in this area is Dr. Ben Schneiderman, Ph. D. In fact, his entire book Designing the User Interface is soley written about strategies for effective human and computer interaction.

Other ways to overcome cyberphobia are:

Additional sources of information:







Faculty Cyberphobic Relief
FACULTY INTERNET AWARENESS ENHANCEMENT. An Approach to Cyberphobic Relief: A Creighton University/US WEST. Fellowship Project. BACKGROUND. US WEST...

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Online news sections of the The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Kentucky Enquirer

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Dissertation Resource List Primary Topics: Benefits of using the Internet, Barriers to Internet Use, Education Reform, Community, Constructivism,...

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Assessing and Managing Technostress
A talk given by Richard A. Hudiburg, Ph.D. at the session "Collaborative Solutions to Technostress: Librarians Lead...

A Better Net
A consulting firm designed to assist those with "cyberphobia, wheezing hard drives, and cyberanxiety."

A news article that describes a program designed to assist 4-6th grade females regarding fear of computers and math. Addresses the myth that girls are innately frightened of and less capable with computers and math than males.

A site for people who wish to leave a comment or contribution trying to adapt to the internet.

Collaborative Solutions to Technostress: Libraries lead the way. The best feature of this link is that the Program Bibliography sections lists appx. 40 book and journal articles related to technostress.

This is a home page for a business in England using "Technophobia" as a marketing angle.


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